Helping from a distance


Thymele Arts has been a creative home to many artists across
Los Angeles providing mentorship, a place to rehearse, to perform, and to gather. Now we need your help! 

EDIT: 4/14/2020

You did it! I am absolutely floored by the overwhelming response! Within four days we were able to raise all the funds needed to take care of April rent! There were dozens of donations and account credits created from all over the country! I am especially humbled by the generosity of three lead donors that quickly got us to our goal!!


Beyond the financial support, it is also wonderful to hear the from the Thymele Arts Community as you spread the word.  Your words of appreciation and encouragement reinforce our mission and truly helped bolster my spirit.


I am going to keep this page open for those who still want to contribute. I hope we will see the SBA loans come through before the May rent is due.


Thank you again for all your support!

I can’t wait to see you all in person to give you a HUGE hug!!

  • John


Like many small businesses and arts organizations, Thymele Arts has been hit hard by required closures.

Last week our landlord informed us that if we are not able to pay the rent, we should start moving out. 

Though the state and local government has restricted evictions due to the quarantine, the landlord has not been receptive to legal reasoning and logic. Yes, we could take this to court, however we are hoping to maintain a working relationship with the landlord so Thymele Arts can continue to operate once the quarantine has been lifted.

With the loss of summer classes and multiple theater, dance, film, and puppetry festivals, Thymele Arts has lost over $45,000 in income in the past 30 days. We have applied for small business loans but many are delayed and there is no word on when they will be distributed, if at all.

Thymele Arts needs $10,000 to make up the remainder of the rent payment.


If you are able, please consider helping Thymele Arts. Most of our monthly income comes from $50 - $100 rentals so EVERY dollar counts. 


We have set up two ways you can support Thymele Arts 

  1. You can buy a gift certificate for time in any of the rehearsal rooms. This will create an account credit that you can use for rehearsals and events at a later date. You can purchase credits for a friend or your favorite local theatre company.

  2. You can give a tax deductible donation to the Thymele Arts incubator program. Tax deductible donations, by law, can not be exchanged for rental time or credits.

We have come so far in such a short time.

Thymele Arts is not a large organization.

It is owned and operated by John Henningsen who founded the performing arts incubator in 2015. After a year and a half of searching different locations, John finally found the current home, 5481 Santa Monica. The central location, huge windows, and ample space was screaming to become the home for a new arts community.  Although you would not recognize the space if you saw it.

After months of blood, sweat, tears – and many, many sleepless nights – Thymele Arts opened its doors July 2017. The once worn down loft was abuzz with artists coming together to create new, bold work.

In the past three years, Thymele Arts has become a home to artists from all over Los Angeles. As the company grew, we continued to make improvements to the building to create a comfortable space to generate work. 

For two years we have been keeping an eye on the first floor corner store. It was a dress shop and then a smoke/vape shop.

This February we were contacted by the current tenant about taking over their lease and on March 4 it was official! We signed a lease, paid the first months rent, and ordered all of the materials to start renovations! We were finally able to create what could be the corner stone of the Thymele Arts performance hub.

We knew it was going to be tough but if we could do a quick renovation and start hosting performances and gatherings by April 1st, we thought it would all work out. Twelve days later we started quarantine. 

We have almost all of the construction material and John is still working a little each day to make sure this new space is ready for post-quarantine celebrations.

On personal note, I want to thank all of the incredible artists who have walked through our doors. The past four years have been an amazing experience for me personally. I have had the opportunity to engage with so many creative people generating ground breaking stories and new work. I have seen small upstart companies grow into sustainable, passion driven, creative voices in the community. 

I am committed to keeping Thymele Arts alive and available for all artists to continue pursuing their passion. Most of you know that I don't share my feeling freely, I usually brush off trouble with a laugh and a joke. I never would have imagined that the "new normal" would include openly crying and swirling anxiety. What brings me back is the knowledge that,

Yes, we will get through this.
Yes, we will continue to create. 
Yes, we will have amazing stories to share with the world. 

With the help of our communities, and passion for our ART, we can accomplish anything. 

John Henningsen

Thank you for all of your support through the years and we look forward to seeing you soon! 



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