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Pursue your project goals!
Ignite your creative process!
Time to get some serious work done!

We are your home away from home to fuel your next creation!

We offer membership and office desks to help get to the next step of your creation:

- Co-Working/Community Desks

- Reserved Desk

- Non-Profit Membership

The spacious common room is now open for daytime work space.

Do your work at the dining room table, chill in the reading lounge; grab a snack at the coffee bar and get down to business!


Our space is equipped with high speed wifi, a/c, a community kitchen area, water fountains, outlets, and more!

Why spend your time at a crowded noisy coffee shop? Join a community of like-minded artists



Co-working is a way of working in a collaborative environment.  It's an alternative from working at home or in a coffee shop where you share ideas and knowledge. This is a great way to work independently with your creative community supporting your passion.


Work stations available from 9am-6pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Daily sign ups available!


Need a regular work spot? Sign up for a month-to-month membership. This gives you "drop-in" access.



When you are ready to start that new project or you just need a place to focus on a project in progress, Thymele Arts has reserved desks waiting for you.

Claim your own reserved desk, where you set up your own productive area to get creative! Each desk membership comes with 5 hours per month in the rehearsal rooms. Reserved Desk Members also receive 25% discount on all Thymele Arts events, classes and workshops.


Everything you need to get your new work off the ground.


For our emerging non-profit organizations ready to jump and join a community of artists!


The Non-Profit Membership includes a reserved desk, flexible working hours, 10 development hours in the rehearsal rooms and 25% discounts on all Thymele Arts events, classes, and workshops. 


A Non-Profit Member will receive a listing on the Thymele Arts website, along with any production announcements/information.



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